Monday, March 5, 2018

:: Coffee Talk with C&C- Dry February ::

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Hey y'all, it's been a while since I've given a good personal update on things going on in my life so I thought I would share my experience, not drinking for 30 days. Let me start by telling you why I chose to take some time off from drinking alcohol.
I have been feeling not so great about myself, see post here about the active changes I made in my routine but I knew I could do more. I decided I need to also start meal prepping lunches for the week on Sundays so that  I stop going out for lunch which saves money and keeps my calorie count under relative control and I feel much better day to day because I am eating healthy food for lunch and not just whatever everyone is going out to get. Let's be honest, no matter how healthy you try to be while out to lunch it's just not the same. So, in those to aspects I was already starting to feel better after the 1st of the year and keeping up those habits has been getting easier but I knew there was even MORE I could be doing.
I then decided I needed to revisit my relationship with alcohol, it's always complicated right? I love going out with my friends and having a couple drinks or enjoying a glass of wine with my husband after work to relax but what was I doing to my body when those situations happened multiple times a week? I knew that any part of me that still felt lethargic after working out and meal prepping was due to my consumption of alcohol. I asked myself, "Can I go 30 days without drinking?" I starting considering a dry period of time back at the beginning of January but knew with everything on my social calendar that February was WAY more realistic of a month to try and succeed at not drinking ANY alcohol for an entire 30 days. Let me guess- you're saying to yourself as you're reading this, "but Carrie February is a 28 day month" and I knew that going in so I am extending it past the last day in February to be the full 30 days! Haha I swear I am not trying to cheat by using the shortest month of the year! You may also be thinking, "Carrie, you're family owns a bar so alcohol supports your life" and that is very true and I LOVE our bar and what it has afforded for our life but I needed to do this for myself!
I made a point to tell my husband, my friends, my parents, and in-laws that I wasn't drinking for 30 days by choice just to readjust my mindset and everyone was really supportive! I also gave out a huge disclaimer to my parents & in-laws that this wasn't a clever trick to stop drinking because I am pregnant because I AM NOT!! I just needed time off.

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So, what has been my experience? I will say I did miss wine, it's like nighttime coffee to me- I enjoy a glass and crave it! When I say it out loud it sounds really bad haha but I also crave coffee and for some reason I don't feel as ashamed about that even though the caffeine it offers me is addictive too! My husband and I went out to our favorite local Italian restaurant within the first week of not drinking and I almost caved and ordered a glass of wine because when the waitress set down his Cab, the scent legit exploded out of the glass! I felt like Edward in Twilight when the fan blows Bella's scent in his direction in the Biology class! I held strong with water and lemon despite my husband's attempts to describe exactly how good the wine was to torture me. Isn't marriage fun :)  I do look forward to a casual glass of wine but I realized that I definitely don't need to be drinking a bottle of it alone on a Friday or Saturday night while my husband is at the bar working. Who am I having fun with? A glass or two of red is plenty and still decently healthy for me.
I do not miss vodka, which is usually what I drink while out with friends. "Vodka, soda with a lemon please", and I usually end up with a lime unless I'm at my family's bar because they just get me there!! I would be fine never having another drop of vodka again. I know that at some point I probably will, it's what most of the girls in my group drink and at bars it's not always easy (or smart) to order wine but I know I have just as much fun out with my friends sober as I do after a few drinks.
Speaking of- no I did not just sit at home every night twirling my hair. I went out, I kept up my routine as usual in terms of dinners & drinks with our friends minus the drinks! At first, people were uncomfortable with the fact that I wasn't drinking but I felt better, I was out later and felt more awake while we were out. It could just be more clear headed but I had a better time! Additionally, I was drinking more water because in situations where I'd be drinking alcohol I was drinking water instead! Sometimes in order to not feel left out I'd order a lemon La Croix because I missed the bubbles! On nights I knew we'd be out a while I'd have a cup of coffee while I got ready so I could have enough energy to make it thru the late night.
Overall I'd say my experience was good and I have a way better perspective on alcohol.
I didn't have many side effects except I craved sweets like crazy. Take away one thing you crave and your body will supplement with another! I handled this by having a La Croix (lemon & passionfruit are my fav flavors!) or a few pieces of candy and I'd feel better!
 Working out was way easier in the morning because I woke up actually rested without being encumbered by alcohol. I was hydrated because I was drinking more water and eating healthy because  I didn't crave greasy food which is a side effect of alcohol for me. On the weekends I woke up early and made myself a healthy breakfast because I had the energy and didn't feel hung over from the previous night! I got a lot more done on the weekends because again I wasn't tired and hung over from the night before!
Taking all of the benefits into account as I go forward I think I will definitely drink far less, wine will be a treat I will observe in much, much more moderation! I do really love nights on our patio, grilling out with a glass of wine when the weather warms up and I KNOW I won't give that up! It's also really empowering to know I can set my mind to something and stick with it despite temptation both internal and external! I would definitely recommend TRYING a dry 30 day challenge because it has been so amazing to see how my body and mentality has benefited from the time off!
Have you tried a dry 30 day challenge???
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Saturday, March 3, 2018

:: February Favorites ::

February is over and I'm here to share the things I was loving this past month! So, without further ado...

1. Bubba tumbler mug I have been making smoothies for breakfast and this cup is great because it holds my full smoothie and has a straw large enough to make drinking easier. I am going to change out the straw though HA because it's a rubber straw and I want to use a plastic one instead.

2. Vital Proteins!! I recently picked up the Vital Proteins Beauty Greens and have been adding it to my smoothies every morning. It is a blend of non-GMO Marine collagen peptides combined with organic greens to provide Vitamin A, hyaluronic acid, and probiotics to improve health of hair, skin and nails. I have noticed my nails are a bit stronger and hair smoother but am still waiting to see any effect to my skin health. More to come!

3. Smoothies! Obviously I couldn't talk about the first two items without sharing my smoothie recipe! I refer to it lovingly as the "Green Meanie" lol (Scream Queens reference, anyone?)

-handful of spinach
-1 medium banana
-1/2 cup of blueberries
-1/2 cup frozen pineapples
-1/2 cup frozen mango
- 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
- 1 scoop of Vital Proteins Beauty Greens

Combine all ingredients into blender or preferred blending machine ( I used a NutriBullet)
Blend until smooth
Transfer to preferred cup

4. Cereal!! While roaming the grocery store at the beginning of the month there was an end-cap of Special K Almond & Vanilla cereal and for some reason I felt compelled to try it. When I was young I used to eat cereal every morning before school but eventually moved on but I am back on it! I eat a bowl while I get ready for work, Win tries to steal it too so it must be good. Needless to say I am going thru a TON of almond milk between smoothies and cereal :)

5. Spring Scented Candle! If you've read this blog for any length of time you know my addiction to products that contain rose ingredients so it was only natural that I tend to love candles scented with rose. I have been burning this candle since the beginning of February and really love it! It gives off and really soft scent and isn't too girly!!

6. BBG!! Y'all this program is HARD!! I was definitely inspired by Rachel Parcell's journey with BBG so I decided to give it a try and I LOVE it! She is totally correct that the Sweat app makes it easier to get thru the workouts day to day. I am not going to lie I only complete 2 laps per circuit each time thru because I don't want to get ripped and I don't need to see crazy results right away. I am trying to create a fitness routine that is realistic for me to incorporate into my life everyday and trying to complete 4 laps each circuit just isn't my thing. Even from week 1 to week 6 I can see results but I am not nearly as brave as Rach to share those pics just yet :)

7. Slides! This Spring's update to flats, slides are slowly taking over my shoe situation and below I've pulled together some of my current faves!

Shop Slides

What were you loving this month?


Thursday, March 1, 2018

:: Product Review- See by Chloe Glyn Wedge ::

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Hey pretties!! I've been noticing a certain pair of wedges getting A LOT of attention from other bloggers due to the Shopbop sale and I ordered them last year for my trip to Mexico so I thought I'd share a review after having them for an entire season!

The first thing I love about these wedges is how lightweight they are! In general, wedges are extremely easy to walk in despite the heel height because your foot is essentially flat so there is no awkward balancing act happening! Sometimes though, wedges can get heavy so you feel like your clomping around but with these you never feel that way! They are so comfortable and easy to walk in you'll feel like you're wearing flat sandals. Also- they are so versatile because of the neutral tones you can wear with jeans and an eyelet tank or with a ruffled sundress so whether on vacation or going out with friends, these shoes make getting dressed easy!

WARNING- these wedges are TALL!! If you're already a little insecure about wearing heels because of your height, be aware the wedges on these are no joke high. I would recommend for my tall soul sisters the flat sandal version instead because at 5'5" I get a little awkward about just how tall these make me! And I'm on the short side of average height.

I would HIGHLY recommend these shoes, especially now during the Shopbop sale because they are a bit of an investment but I'll tell you that they're worth it because you'll be living in these all season!

::pardon the blister, NOT from these sandals!!! Insta from our Mexican getaway:: 

Shop See by Chloe Sandals

Images by Nicollette


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

:: Shopbop Sale Picks ::

The Shopbop sale is here any there is so much great stuff to get you ready for the new season! With this sale it's important to remember that the more you buy, the more you save. It's a nod to that saying, "you have to spend money to make money", right? Below are some of my favorites but be advised that there ARE some exclusions!

Shopbop Sale Picks


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

:: Happy Valentine's Day- #throwback ::

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Happy Valentine's Day!! As I said before, I love this day for all the fun girly details and not because I expect a day of romance from my sig (although, how nice!). I posted this outfit YEARS ago and it's still one of my favorite looks EVER! I am reposting as a dose of inspiration for your night out with your love bug orrrrrr for your Galentine's date!

Monday, February 12, 2018

:: Current Obsession- Mellow Yellow ::

I have been OBSESSED with the color yellow lately, every time I go to shop online I find myself filtering down to the color!

I recently posted this sweater and it's been one of my most viewed posts!! I think generally the idea is that blondes don't look good in yellow but honestly I have found that I really love the color! Below are a few yellow items I am currently coveting!


Friday, February 9, 2018

:: Hearts & Flowers ::

::similar mug::

Now let me be clear about what I truly love about Valentine's day- all the girl gifts!! I do not expect anything from my husband in terms of a gift because that's not his style nor is it mine because I understand Valentine's day is more of a Hallmark  holiday. But I do love all the pretty, girly dresses, shoes, home d├ęcor so I am all in for this day!

 Below I've pulled together some of my favorite Valentine's day items!



What are some of your favorite Valentine's Day gifts?