Wednesday, January 17, 2018

:: Movie Night & Healthy Snack ::

::image via pinterest::

There is simply nothing I love more than a night at home, snuggled on the couch with a good movie or show to stream! I am a major homebody and with a kitten that loves to snuggle I find it very hard to leave! So, it's important that I find healthy snacks to eat while being cuddled up at home because when I become engrossed in a new movie or show, I mindlessly stuff my face with whatever is in front of me so if it's not healthy it can turn into a bad situation.

I wanted to share 2 of my favorite healthy snacks with you, one salty and one sweet!!


::image & recipe via sugar free mom {I modified the recipe to use the oven & take less time}::


4 cups Zucchini
2 tbsp. White Balsamic vinegar
2 tsp Sea salt, course
2 tbsp. extra virgin Olive oil


1.Preheat oven at 350 degree

2. Slice zucchini as thin as possible

3. In a small bowl, whisk olive oil and white balsamic vinegar together

4. Place zucchini in a large bowl and toss in oil and vinegar mixture

5. Layer zucchini pieces on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and sprinkle coarse sea salt

6. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, rotate and bake for another 30 minutes or until chips are crisp

Makes 8 servings and 40 calories per serving!

::image & recipe via sweet peas and saffron::
1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
1.5 tbsp honey
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/16 tsp cinnamon or generous pinch
As many strawberries (or any other fruit) as you'd like!
1. Stir all ingredients together (except strawberries, those are for dipping)
2. Portion out into 2 tbsp servings and serve with fruit
Makes 4 servings

::sweatshirt/similar, denim/bloomingdale's {swap for these sweats on movie night}::

Now time to cuddle up, grab the fuzziest blanket and settle in for a fun night!! Below I've pulled together some great items to make your healthy movie night as comfy as possible!

Movie Night Essentials

What do you guys make for a night in? And while you're at it, check out all the delicious Skinnypop popcorn flavors!! Let's be honest, no movie night is complete without popcorn and there are some awesome options- my favorite is jalapeno


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

:: Spring Ahead with Warby Parker ::

One thing I don't showcase on my blog very often is the fact that I wear glasses most of the time. I am near sighted and I need glasses to work on my computer all day and driving at night but for blog shoots I don't need them so I forego wearing them. But Spring is coming and there is no better way to transition into the new season than with a brand new pair of eyeglasses!
::warby parker {puppy not included unfortunately}::

I LOVE the way a pair of glasses can change up a look and Warby Parker is one of my absolute favorite brands for eye glasses because they offer so many different styles, their at-home try on service is so fun, and uploading and ordering your prescription frames online is extremely easy! With Spring on the way, getting a new pair of frames to brighten up your face  is necessary and Warby Parker is the best place to do it! I've rounded up a few of my favorite new pairs from their Spring collection and how to style them for the new season!
::bell eye glasses::

::sweater/revolve, denim/express, white tee/nordstrom, loafers/nordstrom, necklace/gorjana, earrings/net-a-porter::
I love the soft color of these frames and they pair nicely with blush & gold!

::bell eye glasses::

::sweatshirt/saks fifth avenue, leggings/nordstrom, flats/anthropologie, backpack/nordstrom::
Spring is going to see a resurgence of bright, bold, saturated hues and clear frames compliment them perfectly.

::hyde eye glasses::
blouse/new york & co, skirt/nordstrom, slides/net-a-porter, lips/charlotte tilbury {nude kate}::

2018's Color of the Year is ultra violet but we'll ease into the bold hue this Spring with lavender touches and these glasses pair nicely! (pun intended)

::louise eye glasses::
::dress/nordstrom, flats/dsw, necklace/gorjana, bracelet/gorjana, watch/marc jacobs, polish/essie gel couture {off-duty style}::
Nothing is more chic than a black dress with metallic accents and these Louise frames are amazing! Whether work or play, this outfit will never go out of style. 
Enjoy browsing all the new styles introduced in the Spring collection and if you order multiple pairs that's ok because the at-home try on service allows you to try on frames with your wardrobe so you know they'll all match! I'll definitely be giving a few of these frames a whirl!
Thank you to Warby Parker for asking me to help announce the launch of their Spring 2018 Collection!

Friday, January 5, 2018

:: Ruffle Sleeves & Check Print ::

::top/zara {similar}/ denim/articles of society {via wantable}, sunnies/zaful, earrings/zara {similar}, heels/nordstrom, monogram bracelet/moon & lola::
You've seen this outfit before, linked here but I wanted to talk  about the girl in these images and the recent changes she has made to her morning routine.
My entire life I have been thin with very, very little effort! I was born with a metabolism that can withstand 4 years of eating a bagel with nacho cheese, Doritos, and a Mountain Dew for lunch everyday in high school and still fit into a size 2 with next to no exercise. Gross! The poor thing was put thru even worse in my early twenties as I went out until all hours of the evening with my friends only to fourth meal it before dozing off but thanks to a retail job I walked it off most of the next day. And then one day, I got an office job and suddenly I was putting my metabolism thru the greatest work of its life which was not changing my eating habits and sitting all day.
When I was preparing for my wedding I started working out a few days a week just to tighten up because my dress was very form fitting and honestly I knew I needed to be more active. I LOVED the way I looked at my wedding, I felt great and when I look back at pictures I don't cringe at my exposed arms or bloated belly from too much champagne in the pool the entire week before. Oops. But then I saw these images and while I understand a ruffle sleeve tee and boyfriend jeans add volume I also know how I felt about myself the entire year leading up to these pictures being taken. I had a constant inner monologue with myself about how I don't want to obsess over everything I put in my mouth or constantly wonder how many steps I got in, I just wanted to live my life. But everyday when I got dressed I would feel instantly TERRIBLE! Some of my favorite jeans were uncomfortable, jackets felt tight on my arms, and black became my favorite color and to be honest will always be my favorite color to wear because I'm blonde it just looks chic AF. I was making excuses for being lazy and my self esteem imploded. Yes,  I added yoga to my routine in 2017 and I absolutely adore what yoga has done for my mood, my back, and my anxiety but it's not the strenuous work out I need based on my activity levels the rest of the day.
Well, my sweet baby angel kitten Win wakes me up promptly at 5a to be fed because she's a princess and most days I would throw food in her bowl and head right back to bed for an hour (sigh I miss that extra hour) but then after seeing these pictures I decided I needed a change. I would stay up at 5a and go down to our treadmill and do intervals, walk, power walk, or some kind of cardio followed by light strength training. There are so many apps out in the market that it's insane not to work out, you have a profesh trainer right in your phone! I've listed a few of my favorites below. I told my husband about my new routine and told him to gently keep my honest by encouraging me when I didn't miss a day and he has done such a great job! And a huge thank you to technology for making watching TV on the treadmill possible.
Be advised that all cardio is accompanied by an episode of The Office, New Girl or Friends.
Monday- brisk walk followed by light leg & butt strength training
Tuesday- intervals using the Running app, followed by chest and arms strength, and then after work 45 minute Flow Yoga class
Wednesday- depending on how I'm feeling I'll do running intervals or back to a brisk walk with back and shoulder strength training. Sometimes I go to Yoga
Thursday-intervals using the Running app, followed by butt, legs, and ab strength training and usually after work go to a 45 minute Relax Yoga class
Friday- intervals or brisk walk followed by a "trouble spot" strength training, so I work on an area of the body I think needs a little extra love which ends up being my arms most weeks 
Saturday- brisk walk followed by a Flow Yoga class in the morning
Sunday- rest but  I usually clean this day so I'm burning calories anyway

Favorite apps for iPhone

Running App
Map My Run

Another great motivator is my Apple iWatch Series 1 my Dad got me for Christmas!! For whatever reason, much like impressing a class instructor I am highly motivated to impress my watch. It gives me little celebrations when I complete a goal and positive reminders that I still have work to do, I love it!! I intend to do a full review on my (non technological, regular person) impression of the iWatch once I've had more time to get used to it.

So far, I haven't noticed a huge difference in a physical weight loss but the way I feel in my clothes has certainly gotten better and I REFUSE to let go of pieces in my closet that I love because I can't get active and be able to fit into them anymore. And I want to be clear this isn't about being a number on a scale or a certain size on a tag but feeling good about myself. Additionally- I love my photographer and she does an amazing job capturing not only my style but my personality as well so none of this has to do with her!! So there is my super chatty, recent changes that are kind of in the spirit of New Year, new me but since I started in 2017 I'm not really that different.

Images by Nicollette



Thursday, December 21, 2017

:: Yellow 70's Vibes ::

::sweater/nordstrom, denim/express (on sale!!)::
One of my favorite trends from 2017 has to be lace up sweaters! There is a subtle sex appeal to them but they are still so easy to wear for any occasion! I thought I would pull together some of the best options out there for you just in case you wanted to try or are already loving it like me!
Lace Up Sweater Shop Guide

Looking forward to Spring 2018 trends, I see a lot of 90's nostalgia coming our way in the form of plastic (think windbreakers) and slip dresses in ditzy prints over tee shirts with bulky combat boots. I lived thru the 90's so I am cautious to dive back into any of the upcoming trends but we'll see what strikes my fancy once the time comes! Here are a few other prediction of what trends will blow up in the next season

Bright, saturated colors- monochromatic and/or color block looks will dominate this one.

Fringe- from accessories to shredded tees, it will take the place of overly distressed garments

Sheer & transparent- sheer clothing and transparent accessories will be an interesting element added

Lavender- with the Pantone color of the year being purple (Ultra Violet), Spring will ease into this year's COY

Fanny packs- with the 90's revival it only makes sense this would be the IT accessory

Shrunken, sportier sunnies- oversized shades of dominated for the last decade or so, but SP18 will see razor edges and mirrored lenses.

What are your SP18 trend predictions?

Images by Nicollette


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

:: Save || Splurge ::

::ruffle sleeve top/zara {similar}, boyfriend denim/articles of society, heels/nordstrom::

We all know this game, right? You see something on Instagram or a Snap story you fall in love with it only to find out that it's way over your budget. Terrible. So, I thought I'd do a fun little save v splurge and who knows- maybe it'll help you with your Holiday shopping!


Happy shopping!!

Monday, December 11, 2017

:: Detail Review- Sequins, Sequins, & More Sequins ::

It's that time of year to pull together all the sparkle your wardrobe has to offer because it's party time! Since I saw the below picture of T. Swift I have been DYING to find a sequin, striped dress that didn't cost a small fortune and I found the perfect option at Gap!

::ashish dress & jacket::

 Below I have rounded up some of the best party dresses out there to help get you ready for all your holiday gatherings! And of course, accessories to pull it all together!

Shop Sequin Dresses
Finish the Look


Thursday, December 7, 2017

:: Distressed Sweater ::

::sweater/zara {similar}, skinnies/nordstrom, sunnies/zaful, bag/coach {similar}, booties/justfab, earrings/Rebecca minkoff {similar}::
This weather, you guys! My skin cannot take the bitter cold that then rapidly changes to 55 degrees, I am breaking out like it's my job. Not to mention, Holiday season is in full swing so my eating and drinking habits are all out of sorts so I've designated Sunday as my "I'm sorry for my bad behavior" day. I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite products that save my skin time and time again!
I have normal/dry skin so these products may not work for every skin type but I love these brands so if you have sensitive or oily skin I would definitely check out other options within each line that might be better suited for your skin!

Skincare Saviors 

Images by Nicollette