Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Monday, July 24, 2017

:: Coffee Talk with C&C::

::sweatshirt/Nordstrom (on sale!), jeans/parker smith, couch/steinhafels::

Let's talk about my cat for a second. You guys know we got Winny 3 years ago and I've been obsessed ever since. Well, to say my cat has a strong relationship with food is the under statement of the year! My husband and I like to say that because she is from the streets, she knows what it's like to go without food. This isn't exactly true, she was rescued as a kitten when she was still nursing from her mother, lived in a foster home, and then we took her home so she hasn't actually gone more than a day without food.

Well, in the last year and a half Win put on some weight, like up to 18lbs worth of weight. Pause for gasps & judgement... OK, now that we have that out of the way I wanted to share how we are getting the weight off and keeping it off! Obviously, what we're doing isn't going to work for every cat so I highly suggest taking your cat into their vet to get a full physical and a true weigh loss plan that will be healthy for your cat.

I had been acutely aware for a while that Winny was overweight, everyone's reaction when they would see her is "oh my gosh she's so huge". In the Spring she was showing symptoms of a feline UTI and I knew it was time to take her in and have a tough conversation with my vet about her current weight and how that was affecting the rest of her health. Truth be told, the vet had me in tears about how big she'd gotten! It broke my heart to hear that I was over feeding my cat and putting her at risk for bigger health issues but she cried all the time for food! What were we supposed to do! Growing up we always just left food out for our cats but it became clear that Win had some self control issues.

Our vet recommended a prescription weight loss food, strict feeding schedule, and a lot more playtime for Winny. She prescribed Hill's Prescription Diet r/d Weight Reduction dry food, which we order from Chewy, I highly recommend signing up for autoship because you save 5% on your purchase. We feed Win the amount of food recommended on the bag based on her current goal weight, so we're taking a stair step approach. Currently she is getting 1/3 cup of food twice daily with a snack at 4pm which is just this toy filled with her weight loss food. One toy she will play with no matter the time of day is the Cat Dancer, which is basically just a wire with cardboard sticks on it but she'll chase that thing all over. If she cries for food during non feeding times, we give her an ice cube! She chases that thing all over, she also drops it by our feet to throw for her kind of like a dog. So we're making sure she is getting a lot of cardio, she probably gets more than me at this point.

About 3 weeks into her diet she'd lost 2lbs, which is approximately 30lbs for a human!! I felt like the proudest mom in the world! We don't have a scale at home and she hasn't been back to the vet in a while but I can tell she has lost even more weight, so we'll have to make an appointment to go back and have her weighed. I am nervous about stepping her food down again because she is still so aggressive about food so feeding her even less will be a nightmare but we'll see! I will keep you posted on her progress!

Image by Nicollette


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

:: Zaful Wishlist ::

Two big trends this Summer are the crop top black  and a good denim dress, and these are great staples. But see what I'm loving this Summer and how Zaful  is making my trendiest dreams come true and at a great price!

Summer is in full swing and one of my favorite trends this season is off the shoulder, add a little gingham and I'm all in! July for me is all about embracing red, white, & blue even after the 4th is over.

I love this breezy off the shoulder number because it shows off enough skin and is the perfect hue, fabric, and cut for Summer style. Pair this top with white denim for a fun, preppy look or denim shorts for a casual feel.


Pair pearl and marbled details to give the top a bit of an edge. Marbled jewelry is so great because it is neutral and works well with many different styles.


I love chokers with off the shoulder looks because it doesn't distract from your d├ęcolletage and all it's glory! This option is a staple!

Nothing better than cat eye sunglasses to take your look to the next level. Extra bonus if they're a black/gold combo
Finish off your look with a red lip & a great pair of espadrilles and you're ready for you next BBQ!
Want to be more fancy this Summer? Just do it! Discover Zaful's newest Summer arrivals and use ZFEN for 10% off

Thursday, July 13, 2017

:: NSale 2017 Picks::

Well, it's here! My (and every blogger known to mankind) favorite sale of the year! To me, it marks the most appropriate time to start planning my Fall wardrobe because everything in this sale is new product for the next season. Think- booties, leggings, sweaters, cardigans, BLANKET SCARVES. It's a basic B's dream come true. Below are some of the things I picked up during this sale!

Shop Early Access for card members!! Have fun!


Monday, July 10, 2017

Leopard & Studs

::leopard tank/Francesca's (love this version too), denim/7FAM, bag/red dress boutique, shoes/see by chloe::
Am I the only one who truly hates shorts? I can't be right? I don't know why but I just really prefer a good jean/tank combo or sundress in the summer. I have one pair of black shorts (see this post) that I've been wearing quite a bit this summer but otherwise, it's all jeans all the time.
Have you been to Target lately? Back to school is already in full swing, yesterday they were putting out school supplies! I was shocked at first but then delighted because back to school means FALL! Like I've said, I'm not wishing away summer but I love a crisp Fall day. It also takes everything I have not to buy every cute notebook I see. Does anyone else have this problem?
I am obsessed with this bag! I picked it up for our Mexico trip and it's the perfect Valentino dupe, it's great quality and the price is to die for. I highly recommend! It also comes in black, grey, and red so you'll have options!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Scallop Blush

::dress/tobi, shoes/kohl's, sunnies/chanel {super old- similar}, lips/too faced {peony}::
I am exhausted you guys! The wedding this past weekend was amazing and I can only imagine if I had had to go back to work on Monday vs Wednesday. Let's all take a second to appreciate a long week... yay!
We put in a patio toward the end of last summer and only had a few pieces of furniture to enjoy it last year. So naturally I just sit on it in my best Tobi dress and tend to my lipstick. Kidding!!!
 In like March I was frantically searching Amazon to find a good deal on patio furniture so my husband and I could enjoy our outdoor space. This set was an incredibly good price and pretty easy to assemble. I didn't do A LOT this year as far as other decor was concerned because we decided to put up a privacy fence so I went with a minimal look for now. We also picked up this table that doubles as a cooler which we have really loved. In addition to patio furniture, we also have a ping pong table in our garage and it's been really fun to pull that out on a nice night and get a little competitive. Of all the activities in the world, I am slightly better at ping pong because why not? One night this last weekend we did a little throw back and played beer pong.
I cannot believe it's already July, it's insane how quickly summer goes. I will save the whole basic "I can't wait for Fall" post until a little closer to that season but you guys already know where my head is. During the Zara sale I bought 4 sweaters and a pair of black skinnies soooooooo
How was your Independence day?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Mermaid Blouse

I LOVE clothing that makes me giggle, like for example a blouse with mermaids, sea horses, diamonds and lobsters on it. I found this one at Zara and fell in love, the material is super light weight and the ruffle detail keeps it from being too silly. And it's on sale right now, among a ton of other really amazing things so you better go now! Who doesn't love a blouse from Zara every now and then? Or every time I see one?
This weekend is 4th of July but more importantly one of my very best friends is getting married so I'm very excited to have all my friends in the same place at the same time. I've been friends with these girls since like, middle school so naturally as we grow up it gets harder to get everyone together. But thank GOD for big life events because it's the perfect excuse to let loose and have some fun together.
Oh, did you think I was going to just glaze over this beautiful new addition to my bag collection? NO! I have been in love with the Alexander Wang Rocco/Rockie for YEARS but could never pull the trigger. But when you see an item you've been coveting for years on major sale, you haven't bought yourself a new designer bag in a long time, and it's golf season so your husband will be spending $$ all summer long you just cannot say "no". I've been carrying it for about a month and I love it! I bought the Rockie, so the medium size and I have to be honest it's a pretty heavy bag so I can only imagine what the Rocco feels like to carry. The size is great, the quality is spot on and I love that it polishes any outfit. Not to mention how edgy it is. Worth. Every. Penny.
What have you splurged on yourself lately?