Thursday, September 21, 2017

:: Coffee Talk with C&C- Dealing with Anxiety ::

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Hey guys- now I am certainly no doctor and am not at all equipped or experienced enough to talk about how people should be dealing with their anxiety but recently I have been feeling this pressure in my chest that I know is a symptom of my anxiety. It started in high school when I was in a relationship with an older guy and it gave me anxiety in the form of the feeling of immense weight on my chest and not for anything particular thing he did, I just think it was something I wasn't prepared for but did anyway. After the relationship ended, so did the symptoms of my anxiety with the exception of high stress situations. But lately, with the political climate we're currently living in I feel intense anxiety all the time. I have a constant state of fear that something catastrophic is about to happen and this is in NO WAY a political post either but I feel like if I'm going to chat about how I've been dealing with it, I should at least mention the cause.
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In March of this year I started doing yoga more regularly to get moving and start getting back into shape but I've found that it's been really good for my head too! I am not an expert in yoga either (I'm one of those "decent at a lot of things" not "great at one thing") but I'm not a beginner either, I'm good enough to keep going without being hard on myself. Giving myself 45 minutes in a dimly lit room, stretching my body, and concentrating on my breath is so good for my mental well being. Not to mention, laying in savasana and meditating for a few minutes at the end of class is great!
In college I took a semester long meditation class that I loved!! It took a while to get into the right head space in order to successfully clear my mind but the class was a long walk from my dorm so I learned to use the walk to clear out all the voices in my head so when I walked into class I could be totally blank. I use my drive between home and the studio to achieve this same goal. I fully believe that meditation is so good for you! Whether it be a completely blank mind or going to a place in your mind that makes you happy (see "happy place"), spending a few minutes daily in that place can completely change your attitude toward the world.

It wasn't until I started living with my husband that I realized I don't breathe enough. Sounds weird, right? But when my husband is constantly asking me if something is wrong because I keep sighing, it's time to take notice that I am not breathing as often or deep as I should be. Going to yoga, concentrating on my breath has been helping with this as well and in turn is helping with my anxiety outside of class as well. When I'm feeling anxious, I take some deep breaths and try to relax until I can move on with my day.
Again, I am NOT a doctor, expert, therapist, etc. I have found something that has been working for me that I wanted to share in the event that it could maybe help someone else!
Also- I wanted to share this monthly subscription box service for all my yogis out there. I have gotten like 4 or 5 boxes now and I'm really liking it! It's nice to discover all the great yogi brands out there I'd never heard of before because I am so new to my routine! PS- not a sponsored post, just thought I'd share :)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

:: Instagram Round Up ::

Hey guys! I thought I would round up some links from my favorite Instagram OOTD posts from the last few weeks! Life has been so hectic lately that I haven't gotten a chance to score some time with my favorite (everyone's favorite) photographer to shoot some new stuff but that all changes this weekend. Expect A LOT more Fall content coming your way and I am going to do a little tutorial on how I get my almost perfect manicure at home!

::sweater/similar, skinnies/zara, heels/Nordstrom, long pendant/stella & dot, short pendant/kendra scott, polish/opi "black onyx"::
The date night look I pulled together for my birthday dinner! We ended up at the bar (our family business not just because we like to drink) a lot longer than intended because it got super busy so my husband couldn't leave as soon as we anticipated so I'm glad I went a little more comfy with this outfit.

::tee/zara, denim/Nordstrom, slides/Nordstrom, watch/michael kors, bangle/miansai::
I am obsessed with yellow and mustard shades lately! I think like most blondes I always believed I couldn't pull off this color but I adore this top as a great Fall transition.

::flannel/similar, cami/nordstrom, jeans/paige, sandals/zara {similar}, necklace/tiffany & co, sunnies/similar::
The weather has been perfect for easy flannel outfits to run errands. I try really hard not to ALWAYS wear athleisure out of the house so jeans + flannel= new bff!

::sweater/nordstrom, lipstick/ysl #33, keyfob/similar, polish/Essie "pre show jitters"::
Again with the yellow! This Topshop sweater is amazing with bell sleeves and a lace up back, I have gotten so many compliments on it already!

::bag/alexander wang, sunnies/zaful, ring/zaful, bag charm/charming charlie::
Black and gold details are my favorite for this time of year! I am absolutely loving my Rockie bag, I'm thinking I should do a full review! Don't you?

::jean jacket/similar, cami/nordstrom, pants/simiar, flats/similar::

::tunic/similar, leggings/nordstrom, flats/zara {similar}::
Most days I love a tunic/legging combo because it's so easy! Florals against a black background are a perfect transition into Fall!

::slides/nordstrom, lipstick/stila "bacca", bracelet/moon and lola, polish/opi "black onyx"::
Some new details to pull together any outfit!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

:: Drinking More Water ::

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People use mason jars for all sorts of useful things such as rustic candle holders, salad jars (although this one I don't understand because you just have to dump it all out into a bowl anyway?), food storage but I've been using a major jar to get more water!!

I recently purchased this mason jar to bring into work because I felt like the my previous water tumbler didn't encourage me to drink enough water. First and foremost, I prefer drinking from a straw at work because I find lifting a tumbler above my head very distracting! Secondly, I needed something bigger so I could consume more water without having to get up from my desk every half hour to refill! This baby is 32oz and has been a game changer! I can get my full days worth of water by drinking 3 of them, and it's been surprisingly easy to do that in the span of a work day.

Another great way I encourage myself to drink more water is by infusing it with lemons, limes, strawberries etc! Pinterest is FULL of recipes to make great infused water with so many options. I find it so odd when people say they hate water because it doesn't taste like anything but I get how good infused water can be!

Also- I've put myself on a buying freeze so I figured I'd show y'all some fun stuff to buy in case you're still looking for some great options for the chillier temps. Today it is an amazing 60 degrees out so we're getting a quick glance at sweater weather :)


Is there anything you're still shopping for in this new season??
OH P.S. My birthday is Friday!


Friday, August 11, 2017

:: Ruffles ::

::sweater/zara {similar}, skinnies/zara {similar}, flats/zara {similar}, sunnies/chanel {old-similar}, bag/alexander wang, earrings/Rebecca minkoff {similar}, lips/stila bacca::
I live for a black/white combo! I especially love it when going to events where I'm entirely sure what the dress code is because it always looks pulled together. My biggest style philosophy is to be appropriate for the venue/event, I don't mind being overdressed but I HATE being under dressed so when in doubt I black and white combo it out!
Ok- so I need some good Netflix recommendations because I am seriously running out of things to watch!  Obviously The Crown was amazing and comes back in December, the trailer for season 2 came out today and I cannot wait to watch. The trailer makes it seem like the main focus of this season is the Queen and Prince Philip's relationship which I love because I am slightly obsessed with Prince Philip. So c'mon December 8th!!

I finished Riverdale and absolutely loved that one too. It's a great show to watch if you're missing Pretty Little Liars! I loved every character but Cheryl is my favorite, the actress who plays her is hauntingly beautiful and her character is so complex. One minute she is delivering a bone chilling one liner and the next she's breaking down in tears in front of the entire school!!

Kyle and I are currently watching The Ozarks and it's a great if you loved Breaking Bad but need a little more comedy in your life. Jason Bateman is so funny but also really bad a$$ as a financial advisor turned money launderer! The kids in this show also have a lot of development that is really interesting to watch.

So now I need you help- what to watch next?? Please advise :)

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Monday, August 7, 2017

:: Summer Transition- Sleeveless Sweater ::

::sweater/target, denim/nordstrom, sandals/zara, bag/red dress boutique, sunnies/similar, lips/stila::

I am in the mood to de-clutter!! I went thru my jewelry and got rid of so much costume jewelry that I never wear but have been holding onto for just the right occasion that let's be honest will never come around. I am planning on doing a full post of what I got rid of, new jewelry storage, and how to build a solid jewelry collection that is both meaningful and always on point. 

Is it just me or does anyone else Spring clean before Fall? Without fail I de-clutter the second a chilly gust of wind whips thru our area. A couple days ago it was chilly and rainy and it reminded me it's time to clean up & refresh. I got a similar print to this one to update our entry way and picked up this full length mirror for my closet! It's funny how a few new details and getting rid of things you don't use can make everything seem new! 

How do you de-clutter? 

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

:: Ruffle Sweatshirt & Top 10 Fav Podcasts ::

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Podcasts are NOT new by any means but they are certainly gaining popularity as people's commutes become longer and millennials join the work force and just CANNOT sit without some kind of noise in their ear. Totally guilty. I started listening to podcasts about 2 or 3 years ago with the first season of Serial, you know the one about Adnan Syed, maybe or maybe not killing his ex girlfriend and being in prison for the rest of his life based on shaky eye witness testimony and now debunked cell tower data. I was trying to sound unbiased but you might be able to read thru the lines to my opinion on the whole thing. Yes? No?
So, today I thought I'd share with you my top 10 favorite podcasts to listen to each week! I listen online at work or thru my iPhone podcast app. You know the purple one you filed away in a "not used" folder somewhere, UNFILE THAT THING!! I listen to A LOT of true crime podcasts so don't be surprised that the majority of this list is that genre. I tried really hard to incorporate some fashion and pop culture but I've found only a couple that I actually like. Keep reading to find out my favorites! In no particular order...
This podcast is easily my favorite... pun intended. Essentially what you have here are 2 sarcastic, no holds barred, California girls talking about their favorite murders. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are two highly entertaining personalities and they don't hold a single thing back. They've created a community and safe space for people who they lovingly refer to as Murderinos to discuss true crime! Although they tell stories that can be kind of a bummer, they're hilarious. I mean they coined the phrase "Fuck politeness" as a way for women (or anyone) who are in a sketchy situation to make sure they're safe before they're polite!
A blog by Jackie Schimmel that turned into a podcast, she lets loose on pop culture and has amazing conversations with an array of guests. Jackie is OBSESSED with RHOC & Vicki Gunvalson and isn't afraid to hurt feelings. This podcast is great if you need a laugh or are so over EVERYTHING on your social media feeds because chances are she'll rip it a new one! 
Another True Crime original, Nic brings the facts and the Captain brings the sass! This podcast is a little more produced and serious when going through cases but there is still some LOL moments. Not only do they talk about murders but also really odd and unsolved disappearances. Some of these cases will keep you up at night!
Kaitlyn Bristowe has to be the most adorable thing to come out of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise! Her podcast is so entertaining and she is so funny. Added bonus she already has 2 episodes with fiancé Shawn B. and it's so adorable to get a closer "look" at the relationship. If you need more Kaitlyn than a once a week podcast, follow her on Snapchat!
Think My Favorite Murder but with 3 guys vs 2 girls! They talk thru true crime, the paranormal, creepy pastas... EVERYTHING. It's well researched and hilariously funny.
If you love Vanderpump Rules then you'll love this podcast but I think it's worth a listen if you're not a reality TV fan. Stassi is hilarious and judgey. She talks about pop culture, reality TV, celeb gossip and Sur gossip. Stassi is queen!
Another GREAT true crime podcasts. These guys have been around forever and have covered all kinds of crazy cases. Well researched and well produced.
An Australian true crime podcast. The host makes even the most simple sentences sound creepy! This podcasts covers a lot of foreign crimes that we wouldn't necessarily hear about in the U.S. which is one my favorite things about this show!
This podcast has told some stories that have kept me up for multiple nights and I DON'T listen to these once the sun goes down! This podcast isn't afraid to give the gory details other shows wouldn't dare! Be warned, some of the shows cover stories you've never heard but should have even though it'll make you question EVERYTHING! So dramatic.
10) S Town
A This American Life podcast, this isn't one that is updated weekly but is a single season covering one twisting and turning story. It starts out telling one story and then BAM turns right on it's head and goes a different direction. If you just need a good story from start to (kind of) finish this is a great one!
Tell me some of your favs!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

:: Stripe Cardi- Day to Night ::

::day- cardi/Nordstrom {sold out- similar}, white long sleeve tee/Nordstrom, skinnies/zara, bag/alexander wang, mules/Nordstrom, lippies/stila, sunnies/chanel {old-similar}::
::night- cami/Nordstrom, heels/guess, necklace/old {similar}::
So since it's August I think it's ok that I do a few pre-Fall posts, don't you? I (among many, many others) snatched up this cardigan during the #NSale and am so happy I did because I can see myself wearing this to death. It's perfect to wear on its own or as a sort of day jacket on those first warm Fall days!
I thought it would be fun to style for day & night to show just how versatile this item is. While it is currently sold out, there are A LOT of similar options at Nordstrom to hold you over if/until they restock. For a casual day look, pair it with a white tee (short or long sleeve depending on weather), some slides and comfortable black skinnies. I love this look for work or errands on the weekends because it's comfortable and the layers allow for changing weather.
For night, swap out your tee and flats for a lace cami and heels to spice it up a little bit. Again, layers= life! I got this cami in the #NSale and have been wearing it a lot already! I love using sales like the Nordstrom Anniversary sale to pick up some great basics for the new season and this cami is no exception.
We just got back from a weekend in Grand Rapids, MI with a group of friends and we had a great time. Who knew this town was FILLED with amazing breweries? I am not a big beer drinker but fortunately there was always a great, fruity, lighter option for me to try and without finding one I LOVED, it prevented me from drinking too much the day before our 4 hour road trip home! If you do make the trip to Grand Rapids, make sure to go to Founders and get a passport for the breweries around town. You get a stamp at any brewery involved in the program and after 8 stamps you get a tee shirt. I thought this was such a cool idea to encourage people to get out of the comfort zone and try all that the city has to offer. Highly, highly recommended!
Next up, a trip to Boston in October so I better get planning! Thankfully I have plenty of options in my closet already for this trip!