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My name is Carrie and I am an Assistant Buyer for a large corporate retail company, currently moving my way up in the buying office. I am an avid fashion follower/lover. I have been in love with fashion since I can remember and have cited Clueless as my favorite movie since the age of 7. My first time documenting an outfit was in my journal, at night I would write about what happen to me that day and finish every entry with what I wore. It was only natural that I'd eventually be inspired to start my own personal style blog. I am obsessed with accessories and totally appreciate the way they can change an outfit. I have worked for a designer handbag company in sales, worked in a jewelry buying office, a handbag buying office, beauty buying office, and am currently working in the Home division. I've learned that a well put together home is just as soothing as a well put together outfit, both are extremely satisfying.

In these posts you'll find things I love, wear, and crave with more emphasis on the details (accessories) rather than the rest. I believe in Coco Chanel's wisdom to "take off at least one accesory before leaving the house" and that girls should put themselves together everyday- I mean honestly what if you meet the love of your life or run into your worst enemy? Athleisure has definitely found a place in the rotation but I will always be a "get dressed" kind of girl at heart.

And a few other fashion nuggets of wisdom I believe in...

Fashion Icons/Girl crushes are as follows (but not necessarily in order):
1) Blake Lively
2) Olivia Palermo
3) Lauren Conrad
4) Anna Wintour
5) Blair from atlantic-pacific

Contact me- cateyes.carriealls@hotmail.com
Also click the link- Midwest Bloggers for more great blogs in the good ol' Midwest


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