What inspired your blog?

I have loved fashion ever since I can remember. I think it started with my days of playing with Barbie dolls, she never wore the same thing for longer than 2 minutes before I was switching out her outfit for something else. Then when I was old enough to keep a journal I found myself documenting outfits I wore instead of dreams, thoughts, or emotions like most people. Those journals were my blogs before blogs existed. It only made sense that I would end up documenting outfits in this forum.

What is your style philosophy?

I am an avid believer in dressing for the occasion, a funeral is no place to debut your super fun sequin mini dress. I wear what feels right and generally for the weather, living in Wisconsin means layers on layers on layers. I believe that like rules, trends are made to be broken and you shouldn't follow every single one. Karl Lagerfeld said, "Trendy is the last stage before tacky".  But that being said, I think people should wear what the want and not have to apologize for it.

What is your background in fashion?

My experience in fashion comes from years of personal research and many years working in retail. I worked at Coach for many years in sales and then after college had the good fortune of getting hired to work in the buying office at Kohl's Corporation where I currently work as an Assistant Buyer for their Home division. For people who think the retail industry is runways & fashion shows you are sadly mistaken. It takes a lot of talent and a huge amount of strategy to create a successful buying office- knowing trends & building a great assortment is only half of what people in the buying office do and I've been extremely lucky to work with great teams who are great at identifying trends and putting together kick ass business strategies.

Any outfit regrets?

Never- and not because there weren't some to regret but because like a lot of things in life they were a learning experience. I don't usually invest in something I don't love so if I wore it, at some point or another I loved it. I'm a better for every cringe-worthy garb.

Please feel free to send any of your questions at cateyes.carriealls@hotmail.com

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