Collaborations and Sponsorships
Cateyes & Carrie-alls is open to working with companies and lifestyle brand blogs to guest write, or collaborate with brands or products that directly correlate with Cateyes & Carrie-alls as a company and it’s audience interests.
Cateyes & Carrie-alls is willing to coordinate with brands and products on subjects to guest write but will ultimately be the decision of owner and writer, Carrie Dennett, to approve subjects and collaborations.

Any guest articles made by such collaborations to post on Cateyes & Carrie-alls blog will be reviewed and approved by owner and writer, Carrie Dennett, before post goes live.

Product Reviews and Giveaways
Cateyes & Carrie-alls would love to work with companies and products that directly correlate with this blog and it’s audience by reviewing products or services in an open and honest matter. All product reviews are in the opinion of owner and writer Carrie Dennett unless otherwise noted in the post.
Cateyes & Carrie-alls is also willing to giveaway products under positive review to readers and individuals that apply for said giveaways through social media outlets as blog, instagram, twitter and Facebook.
Email me at for any collaboration, sponsorship, product review or giveaway.

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