Wednesday, December 24, 2014

:: Merry Christmas ::

Merry Christmas to all of you!! As I get older my Christmas list gets shorter and the things I desire don't come from a store. All I truly want this Christmas is that my loved ones (that includes YOU) are happy, healthy, and full of love throughout the year.

And let's be honest I got a kitten & an engagement ring this year so I've gotten everything I could possibly want already anyway!

My favorite Christmas memory as a child is each Christmas Eve my mom & aunts would gather all of us grandkids in a bedroom because Santa was coming. Then my grandpa would put on boots with bells and come into the house and pretend to be Santa. He would talk to my dad & uncles about whether or not the kids were asleep & if we'd be good all year. When Santa left we'd come out and there would be an extra little treat under the tree for us! It was so much fun because we thought we were out smarting the big guy in the red suit. Even as I got older and figured out it was my grandpa I still thought it was so sweet, the lengths our family would go to create a magical Christmas moment for us kids. I hope to create the same kind of memories for my family one day! 


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