Monday, March 16, 2015

:: A Beauty Tale- My Lipstick Love Affair ::

A girl always remembers her first- love, kiss, tube of lipstick. My grandmother was one of the most glamorous women I'd ever known growing up, she was like my living Barbie. Her make up was always impeccable, she wore Jackie O style sunglasses even when it wasn't trendy, and she never left the house without a green tube of Revlon lipstick. She rotated between 2 colors if I remember correctly- a bright orange & vivid pink. She let me play in her make up (and jewelry) during the short time that we lived with my grandparents and I naturally gravitated toward her lipstick. Watching her apply seemed so lady-like to me, the amount of detail and accuracy with which she took resembled women of the past who were very controlled in their mannerisms and left me wanting to time travel back to those days. I am a pretty old soul at heart and love anything vintage/vintage inspired.  It's no surprise to me that as I've grown I've gone from playing up my eyes to branching out with new lip colors.

I became so obsessed with lipstick that I started hoarding them and unfortunately for my dad I kept them in my pants pockets. My mom unknowingly put a tube through the wash and destroyed my dad's favorite pair of shorts. Needless to say I was forbidden from the make up drawer for quite some time. 

In my teen years I preferred lipgloss to lipstick, it was much easier to apply in a cinch and lets be honest it was the late 90's early 00's where teen pop stars reigned supreme and you guessed their lips were wet with color. At some point the trend moved to frost glosses and lipstick in the lightest color pink you could find. I obliged for a time but realized it just washed me out. Oh the things we do for fashion, those pictures will remain missing from this blog!

I didn't realize how much I loved wearing a bright red until I found the right one (listed below) and seeing how it polished my look in these blog photos. Red is a powerful color and takes a lot of confidence to start wearing for more than just special occasions. Throughout the winter months I wore a red lip at least once a week to work and got so many compliments and saw my confidence spike during meetings and chats with my co workers. The red lip is a main stay in my weekly rotation.

For Spring & Summer I wanted to switch it up with a bright & punchy pink. My best advice when searching for a new shade is to be patient and consult with a beauty advisor at your favorite counter. It's always fun to try new things but when it comes to certain shades, red especially there are certain undertones that work better for certain people's coloring that can take your red from "ehhh" to "you. look. awesome." Comment below on your favorite lipstick shade!

1/Revlon- Black Cherry
2/Stila- Beso
3/Lorac- Magenta
4/MAC- Saint Germain

Coming soon to a post near you: Lorac- Showgirl

Images by Nicollette


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