Monday, November 18, 2013

:: Twinkle Toes ::

I have never been a big fan of pointed toe shoes but I realized just the other day that I'm slowly starting to accumulate more pointed toes shoes in spite of myself.

::boots/zara (old-similar), photoreal pumps/aldo (old- similar), black pumps/target, white pumps/guess, metallic flats/zara::

::saw these last night at target in literally 2 seconds while in a rush to get a gift & make it to a party on time. went back later and bought them::

::white pumps were all the rage for fall fashion week this year, i had a wedding that called for white pumps- the perfect excuse::

::i bought these on a whim while looking for shoes for an event, my boyfriend took the time to tell me he liked them so naturally i bought them::

I don't think I need to share the story about my metallic flats, they've been on high rotation lately and my black Zara boots are from their TRF line last year and were the greatest pair of boots to have ever happened to me in a long while. It's funny how your taste changes as you grow. And for a girl who neglects her shoe collection (or neglects expanding it) having 5 pairs of any trend is a huge deal! 


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