Wednesday, April 30, 2014

:: 101st ::

So I missed my 100th post so why not celebrate the 101st post? And what better way to celebrate than a cat cake? Answer: NONE!

Also- why not throw in a funny story about what a space cadet I am! I have been lusting over a Stella & Dot necklace for months and finally decided to pull the trigger. That is generally how I buy things, I obsess about it until I can't take it anymore and purchase it or completely forget about it and move on to the next obsession. 

So I ordered the necklace and waited to receive the shipping email but never remembered getting one. So after much searching through my inbox I figured I probably got distracted during the ordering process and never submitted my order. Well the very same day I put through my order what do I find in my mailbox? THE DAMN NECKLACE! So, now I have to return the second one I ordered and I am such an idiot! But look at this thing, how could I not obsess over it?

::rebel pendant, 28" chain w/2" extender::

I decided I needed more longer necklaces in my life and this one was a great place to start! So go ahead and laugh at my forgetfulness, I do it all the time! 


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