Sunday, June 22, 2014

:: Beach Bags Essentials ::

Beach and/or pool days are few and far between in the Midwest because the weather is so erratic but when I do get fortunate enough to have one I enjoy every last minute. Having a well rounded beach bag is important- who knows where the day might take you!!

::must have-giant bag, giant towel, good sunnies, good book, GOOD SPF, sea salt spray, adorable suit, & an apres beach outfit::

::top/aerie, bottoms/kohl's, sea salt spray/not your mother's, spf/neutrogena beach defense, book/lauren conrad::

::wet bikini bag/boston store {old-similar} (such a life saver!)::

::sarong/h&m, towel/coach {old-similar}, sunnies/chanel, beach bag/target {old-similar}::

::bronzer & mascara/cargo, lipgloss/revlon, deodorant/dove clinical protection::

shorts- jcrew

It's important to have a little something to clean yourself up once the sun starts going down because in my experience that doesn't mean the fun is over. My friends and I usually go straight from the beach to dinner & drinks so it's important I have at least sea salt spray to give my hair the right texture (fresh water lakes & pools just don't do it) and mascara and some bronzer to wake up my face! 

We all know I have an affinity for Lauren Conrad and her books are great beach day reads but have you read this article she posted about SPF? It is a must read before any day out in the sun for a better understanding of exactly how to use and apply SPF for maximum protection. 


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