Wednesday, September 3, 2014

:: Winny Wednesday ::

It has been so much fun having Winny with us. She is kind of like a Sour Path Kid- first she's sour then she's sweet. Winny is very much still in the biting to play stage but at 4 months old that is to be expected, she snuggles so hard that it makes you forget the roughing housing you had to participate in to earn the snuggle!

::she found her favorite blanket pretty quickly::

::one of my favorite friends to read glossies with::

::a kitten after my own heart, stealing the bf's $$::

::she isn't afraid to watch a storm or two roll in with you, necklace here::

::never leave your macaroons unattended, duvet cover here::

::it's a struggle to get out of bed just in general but somedays she refuses to let me::

::oh, but her snuggles are the best::

She is so social and only afraid of the vacuum and the blender but surprisingly not the blow dryer. She was definitely made for us! 


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