Monday, March 23, 2015

:: Simple ::

::hat/target {old-similar}, blouse/express, faux leather skinnies/kohl's, nude heels/kohl's, bag/rebecca minkoff::

Don't get me wrong, I love a well layered outfit with lots of pretty details but every once and a while I just want something easy and simple. Black & white is a color scheme I gravitate toward in this instance because there is a very little consideration involved. White blouse & black skinnies are so chic and add a pop of lip and you're all set! 

There has been a lot of indecision followed by some pretty quick decisions as far as the wedding goes. We had planned to go visit the venue in June to get the lay of the land and let's be honest have a few days in the sun. Once our travel agent came back with flight prices, our mouths dropped to the floor and decided we trust our travel agent's experience working with this resort & cancelled the trip. 

Next up was picking the venue at the resort which up until this week I had been set on the pier for the ceremony & reception but after trying to understand the logistics of it I realized the rooftop terrace was actually perfect! I feel so bad for my travel agent for all the back and forth of this week but I'm a bride so I think I get a pass at my indecision until this day is over. Right? 

::the pier venue i initially thought i wanted::

::rooftop terrace we booked::


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