Thursday, November 10, 2016

:: Honesty ::

::chambray/old navy, scarf/asos {old-similar}, watch/cluse via rachel zoe box of style::

Hey ya'll! I have been noticeably absent from your screens lately and it's been killing me so I wanted to be honest with you about where I've been and why!

I started blogging so long ago, and I've loved having a place to express my style that is all my own. This was one place in my life I could/can control and be passionate about without rules but over time and with the blogging world becoming so over saturated I got a little burnt out.

I work full time, and going from my previous job to assistant buyer was a huge transition in responsibility at work. My current responsibilities are more customer facing now than they've ever been and by that I mean, when I make a mistake it's one that a customer can see and therefore put the company in jeopardy of not only losing a customer but a potential lawsuit. Retail is not for the faint of heart. So, when I get home some nights I am so exhausted I just want to shut my mind off for a while and unfortunately the one thing I can put off is this blog. I am certainly not saying that other bloggers who work full time and still manage to put up amazing content aren't as busy (if not busier than) as me but everyone is different in what they can effectively manage.

In addition, I really enjoy reading/viewing blogs but feel like there is so much of the same. I understand that trends are just that, trendy and us fashion girls LOVE to interpret them for ourselves but after a while it seems like everyone is wearing all the same things. Actually, often times girls are wearing the exact same thing! Of course, there are some girls whose style is tried and true ( I'm looking at you, you, & you) and these are constant places I go for inspiration, even if my style isn't as girly or edgy.

Truly, what I want you to take from this post is that I took some time away to really reflect on what I want these posts to look like, is my style authentic and am I being honest about who I am and what I'm wearing day to day with the people who take time to stop by my blog.

I have a date with my favorite photographer this weekend to shoot some great stuff to get revved up for the Holidays & re-inspire myself! I started this blog with the intent to have a creative outlet and I think I put so much pressure to keep up with what everyone else was doing that I lost sight of why I love writing & styling for you guys! As always thank you for continuing to support these posts and me, I promise to re-commit myself to creating fun content for you that inspires you & your style!


Images by Nicollette

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  1. You're always an inspiration to us! Glad you had some time away and can't wait to see these winter outfits <3