Thursday, December 21, 2017

:: Yellow 70's Vibes ::

::sweater/nordstrom, denim/express (on sale!!)::
One of my favorite trends from 2017 has to be lace up sweaters! There is a subtle sex appeal to them but they are still so easy to wear for any occasion! I thought I would pull together some of the best options out there for you just in case you wanted to try or are already loving it like me!
Lace Up Sweater Shop Guide

Looking forward to Spring 2018 trends, I see a lot of 90's nostalgia coming our way in the form of plastic (think windbreakers) and slip dresses in ditzy prints over tee shirts with bulky combat boots. I lived thru the 90's so I am cautious to dive back into any of the upcoming trends but we'll see what strikes my fancy once the time comes! Here are a few other prediction of what trends will blow up in the next season

Bright, saturated colors- monochromatic and/or color block looks will dominate this one.

Fringe- from accessories to shredded tees, it will take the place of overly distressed garments

Sheer & transparent- sheer clothing and transparent accessories will be an interesting element added

Lavender- with the Pantone color of the year being purple (Ultra Violet), Spring will ease into this year's COY

Fanny packs- with the 90's revival it only makes sense this would be the IT accessory

Shrunken, sportier sunnies- oversized shades of dominated for the last decade or so, but SP18 will see razor edges and mirrored lenses.

What are your SP18 trend predictions?

Images by Nicollette


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