Wednesday, January 1, 2014

:: 2014 ::

Today's recovery from last night's fun is brutal but I had a blast on New Years Eve and feel like this year I have some resolutions that are sort of mandatory to fulfill.

First things first though, what did I wear? If you guys haven't shopped via The Outnet yet, you must! I downloaded the app to my phone (sort of a giant mistake if you ask my bank account) and I am on that thing 24/7, I call it exercising my self discipline. I ordered my dress for NYE from the app, it was fun and flirty but not your typical NYE dress.

::dress/milly via the outnet, heels/target, box clutch/macy's::


::i sincerely prefer box clutches for formal occasions::

::details, these shoes saw some fun last night::

::dress code- fancy, done & done::

We went to a party at the art museum in downtown Milwaukee and it was so fun! I added an earcuff and gold plated belt, both from H&M but I have found that the retailer doesn't always offer everything online {similar & similar}. 

My resolutions include getting a better handle on my finances, don't get me wrong I am not terrible with money and all my bills are paid on time but I can be impulsive. With my new job and new pay check I want to make sure I am putting my money in smarter places other than just my closet (easier said than done, right). The second is to take better care of my health, more specifically getting on a more regular exercise routine, I tend to get super motivated for a while and then fall off. I need to change that. Third, blog more consistently. I find a great deal of satisfaction in blogging even if only 1 person is looking at it so I need to be more consistent if not only for you guys but for myself! 


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