Sunday, November 1, 2015

:: Scenes ::

::leather jacket/wantable, skinnies/zara, tee/gap, bag/cambridge, shoes/nike {similar}, lips/ysl#2::

I don't quite know what happen but when the clock struck midnight on January 1st, 2015 I decided I really wanted to make getting dressed easier for myself. Not that it was hard before but I was constantly looking to put together these outfits that were more work than they were worth. Ease has come in the form of black and white on repeat and this outfit has become a main stay. So consider this your SPOILER ALERT for what is to come in future posts, and who knows maybe by the time 2016 rolls around I'll change my mind again.

Side note, I attempted the rose gold look but my hair just doesn't like any dye that isn't the purest form of bleach. It looked great when I left the salon but after the first wash it wasn't as bright which is sad but I also really like the color is washes out to. Come December 1st I'll be going back to super blonde though, I've been a blonde for 99% of my life and I think that's how I should look on my wedding day. Although this current color would look really pretty with the color of my dress. 

::leaving the salon::

::a few washes later {oh hey fiance}::


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  1. Love the leather jacket, such a perfect look especially with that white handbag!

    You and your fiance are adorable by the way!

    Just Gigi Fashion