Monday, June 13, 2016

:: From Mexico with Love- Pt 2 ::

 ::i am literally asking Ky, "are you wearing makeup on your nose?"::

Another fun fact- I never formally met the man who married us!! He walked up to Kyle a few minutes before I walked down the aisle to ask the correct pronunciation of our last name & that was that. He did such a great job speaking about love and the sanctity of marriage though! We had a choice between vows about God & Love or just Love and we chose just Love because we're not overly religious people. Although I must say we were blessed to have so many of our loved ones travel so far to celebrate our wedding!

Next up- pictures of the two of us on the beach & cocktail hour!

Resort (includes food & decor)- El Dorado Royale by Karisma Resorts
Photography- Sarani Studio
Dress- BHLDN
Shoes- Manalo Blanik


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