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:: Ruffle Sweatshirt & Top 10 Fav Podcasts ::

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Podcasts are NOT new by any means but they are certainly gaining popularity as people's commutes become longer and millennials join the work force and just CANNOT sit without some kind of noise in their ear. Totally guilty. I started listening to podcasts about 2 or 3 years ago with the first season of Serial, you know the one about Adnan Syed, maybe or maybe not killing his ex girlfriend and being in prison for the rest of his life based on shaky eye witness testimony and now debunked cell tower data. I was trying to sound unbiased but you might be able to read thru the lines to my opinion on the whole thing. Yes? No?
So, today I thought I'd share with you my top 10 favorite podcasts to listen to each week! I listen online at work or thru my iPhone podcast app. You know the purple one you filed away in a "not used" folder somewhere, UNFILE THAT THING!! I listen to A LOT of true crime podcasts so don't be surprised that the majority of this list is that genre. I tried really hard to incorporate some fashion and pop culture but I've found only a couple that I actually like. Keep reading to find out my favorites! In no particular order...
This podcast is easily my favorite... pun intended. Essentially what you have here are 2 sarcastic, no holds barred, California girls talking about their favorite murders. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are two highly entertaining personalities and they don't hold a single thing back. They've created a community and safe space for people who they lovingly refer to as Murderinos to discuss true crime! Although they tell stories that can be kind of a bummer, they're hilarious. I mean they coined the phrase "Fuck politeness" as a way for women (or anyone) who are in a sketchy situation to make sure they're safe before they're polite!
A blog by Jackie Schimmel that turned into a podcast, she lets loose on pop culture and has amazing conversations with an array of guests. Jackie is OBSESSED with RHOC & Vicki Gunvalson and isn't afraid to hurt feelings. This podcast is great if you need a laugh or are so over EVERYTHING on your social media feeds because chances are she'll rip it a new one! 
Another True Crime original, Nic brings the facts and the Captain brings the sass! This podcast is a little more produced and serious when going through cases but there is still some LOL moments. Not only do they talk about murders but also really odd and unsolved disappearances. Some of these cases will keep you up at night!
Kaitlyn Bristowe has to be the most adorable thing to come out of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise! Her podcast is so entertaining and she is so funny. Added bonus she already has 2 episodes with fiancé Shawn B. and it's so adorable to get a closer "look" at the relationship. If you need more Kaitlyn than a once a week podcast, follow her on Snapchat!
Think My Favorite Murder but with 3 guys vs 2 girls! They talk thru true crime, the paranormal, creepy pastas... EVERYTHING. It's well researched and hilariously funny.
If you love Vanderpump Rules then you'll love this podcast but I think it's worth a listen if you're not a reality TV fan. Stassi is hilarious and judgey. She talks about pop culture, reality TV, celeb gossip and Sur gossip. Stassi is queen!
Another GREAT true crime podcasts. These guys have been around forever and have covered all kinds of crazy cases. Well researched and well produced.
An Australian true crime podcast. The host makes even the most simple sentences sound creepy! This podcasts covers a lot of foreign crimes that we wouldn't necessarily hear about in the U.S. which is one my favorite things about this show!
This podcast has told some stories that have kept me up for multiple nights and I DON'T listen to these once the sun goes down! This podcast isn't afraid to give the gory details other shows wouldn't dare! Be warned, some of the shows cover stories you've never heard but should have even though it'll make you question EVERYTHING! So dramatic.
10) S Town
A This American Life podcast, this isn't one that is updated weekly but is a single season covering one twisting and turning story. It starts out telling one story and then BAM turns right on it's head and goes a different direction. If you just need a good story from start to (kind of) finish this is a great one!
Tell me some of your favs!

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