Friday, August 11, 2017

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::sweater/zara {similar}, skinnies/zara {similar}, flats/zara {similar}, sunnies/chanel {old-similar}, bag/alexander wang, earrings/Rebecca minkoff {similar}, lips/stila bacca::
I live for a black/white combo! I especially love it when going to events where I'm entirely sure what the dress code is because it always looks pulled together. My biggest style philosophy is to be appropriate for the venue/event, I don't mind being overdressed but I HATE being under dressed so when in doubt I black and white combo it out!
Ok- so I need some good Netflix recommendations because I am seriously running out of things to watch!  Obviously The Crown was amazing and comes back in December, the trailer for season 2 came out today and I cannot wait to watch. The trailer makes it seem like the main focus of this season is the Queen and Prince Philip's relationship which I love because I am slightly obsessed with Prince Philip. So c'mon December 8th!!

I finished Riverdale and absolutely loved that one too. It's a great show to watch if you're missing Pretty Little Liars! I loved every character but Cheryl is my favorite, the actress who plays her is hauntingly beautiful and her character is so complex. One minute she is delivering a bone chilling one liner and the next she's breaking down in tears in front of the entire school!!

Kyle and I are currently watching The Ozarks and it's a great if you loved Breaking Bad but need a little more comedy in your life. Jason Bateman is so funny but also really bad a$$ as a financial advisor turned money launderer! The kids in this show also have a lot of development that is really interesting to watch.

So now I need you help- what to watch next?? Please advise :)

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