Tuesday, September 5, 2017

:: Drinking More Water ::

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People use mason jars for all sorts of useful things such as rustic candle holders, salad jars (although this one I don't understand because you just have to dump it all out into a bowl anyway?), food storage but I've been using a major jar to get more water!!

I recently purchased this mason jar to bring into work because I felt like the my previous water tumbler didn't encourage me to drink enough water. First and foremost, I prefer drinking from a straw at work because I find lifting a tumbler above my head very distracting! Secondly, I needed something bigger so I could consume more water without having to get up from my desk every half hour to refill! This baby is 32oz and has been a game changer! I can get my full days worth of water by drinking 3 of them, and it's been surprisingly easy to do that in the span of a work day.

Another great way I encourage myself to drink more water is by infusing it with lemons, limes, strawberries etc! Pinterest is FULL of recipes to make great infused water with so many options. I find it so odd when people say they hate water because it doesn't taste like anything but I get how good infused water can be!

Also- I've put myself on a buying freeze so I figured I'd show y'all some fun stuff to buy in case you're still looking for some great options for the chillier temps. Today it is an amazing 60 degrees out so we're getting a quick glance at sweater weather :)


Is there anything you're still shopping for in this new season??
OH P.S. My birthday is Friday!


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