Thursday, September 21, 2017

:: Coffee Talk with C&C- Dealing with Anxiety ::

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Hey guys- now I am certainly no doctor and am not at all equipped or experienced enough to talk about how people should be dealing with their anxiety but recently I have been feeling this pressure in my chest that I know is a symptom of my anxiety. It started in high school when I was in a relationship with an older guy and it gave me anxiety in the form of the feeling of immense weight on my chest and not for anything particular thing he did, I just think it was something I wasn't prepared for but did anyway. After the relationship ended, so did the symptoms of my anxiety with the exception of high stress situations. But lately, with the political climate we're currently living in I feel intense anxiety all the time. I have a constant state of fear that something catastrophic is about to happen and this is in NO WAY a political post either but I feel like if I'm going to chat about how I've been dealing with it, I should at least mention the cause.
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In March of this year I started doing yoga more regularly to get moving and start getting back into shape but I've found that it's been really good for my head too! I am not an expert in yoga either (I'm one of those "decent at a lot of things" not "great at one thing") but I'm not a beginner either, I'm good enough to keep going without being hard on myself. Giving myself 45 minutes in a dimly lit room, stretching my body, and concentrating on my breath is so good for my mental well being. Not to mention, laying in savasana and meditating for a few minutes at the end of class is great!
In college I took a semester long meditation class that I loved!! It took a while to get into the right head space in order to successfully clear my mind but the class was a long walk from my dorm so I learned to use the walk to clear out all the voices in my head so when I walked into class I could be totally blank. I use my drive between home and the studio to achieve this same goal. I fully believe that meditation is so good for you! Whether it be a completely blank mind or going to a place in your mind that makes you happy (see "happy place"), spending a few minutes daily in that place can completely change your attitude toward the world.

It wasn't until I started living with my husband that I realized I don't breathe enough. Sounds weird, right? But when my husband is constantly asking me if something is wrong because I keep sighing, it's time to take notice that I am not breathing as often or deep as I should be. Going to yoga, concentrating on my breath has been helping with this as well and in turn is helping with my anxiety outside of class as well. When I'm feeling anxious, I take some deep breaths and try to relax until I can move on with my day.
Again, I am NOT a doctor, expert, therapist, etc. I have found something that has been working for me that I wanted to share in the event that it could maybe help someone else!
Also- I wanted to share this monthly subscription box service for all my yogis out there. I have gotten like 4 or 5 boxes now and I'm really liking it! It's nice to discover all the great yogi brands out there I'd never heard of before because I am so new to my routine! PS- not a sponsored post, just thought I'd share :)

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