Friday, July 17, 2015

:: Blue Floral ::

::dress/sheinside, bag/rebecca minkoff, shoes/manolo blanik {wedding shoes, eep}, sunnies/toms, lipstick/lorac::

Some combos never go out of style and for me it's blue and white! This dress inspired our master bedroom decor, in a slightly more muted shade of blue as I prefer my home to be softer colors. This dress is a true baby doll dress and I absolutely love it! I bought it to wear on our trip to Mexico this year which isn't happening but will be in my suitcase when we head down for our wedding (I'm thinking bachelorette party dress!). 

The shoes, they need no explanation! The second I found my dress I knew no other shoe would do it justice and I mean, Kyle is my Big so it's perfect! 


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