Monday, April 20, 2015

:: Wantable April Collection Review ::

:: c/o wantable::

This month's collection was filled with the most beautiful sparkle ever and a really great Spring scarf I've already worn twice before posting this review. 

Turquoise & Crystal Earrings- I love turquoise for Summer (as do most) because my grandmother used to wear turquoise jewelry all the time and I would borrow it! The sparkle of these earrings make them a bit fancy which I am totally okay with. I see myself pairing them with a white eyelet sundress & whiskey sandals for a BBQ or night out with girl friends. 

Crystal Double Ring- I haven't worn a double ring in years and this one is a stand out! I wore it to work the day after I received my collection and got so many compliments on it. Definitely doesn't allow for easy computer use but let's be honest it's more of a "holding a champagne glass" kind ring anyway. 

Grey & White Statement Necklace- What you can't see in this pictures is that some of the white stones in this necklace have an iridescence to them that is so pretty! I paired it with this floral dress & vest but I could also wear it with a more casual look as well! Love! 

Mint & Leopard Infinity Scarf- Spring scarves are a must in this part of the country because while the calendar says it's officially Spring, Mother is Nature is all "yeah I don't know". I wore this with an all white outfit and sandals to let the scarf stand out and got a ton of compliments. Mint makes me nervous, if you've read this post you know but pair it with leopard and I'm in! 

It was a very pretty month from the Wantable team and my dresser is aglow with sparkley pieces to show off! 


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